This site hosted an official game server for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup from November 28th, 2018 to April 7th 2024.
See the final news post here.

Thank you to everyone who made this server their home, and thank you to all donors who kept it running.

See the best players and high scores on this server.

Player Data

In the following URLs, replace "username" with your own username, in all lowercase.

Morgue files can be found here:

Scores can be found here:

ttyrec recordings can be found here:
Please download your ttyrec files if you want to keep them, as they will not be stored here forever.

rcfiles can be found here:

Back up your files

The following files will not be transferred or archived on your behalf. If you want to save them, you need to do so yourself as soon as possible.

The following files will be archived automatically on another server.